Busy start to 2020 for Betsson

Despite a disappointing end to 2019, the future looks bright for Betsson after the online casino and sportsbook reached a share purchase agreement with the Gaming Innovation Group (GiG). After a busy start to the year, we take a look …

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Mobile money in Africa

Mobile money has been a huge transformative technology in Africa, particularly in East Africa, where it started ten years ago with the M-PESA project. In 2017, the take up of mobile money increased faster than anywhere else in the world,

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Predictions within egaming for 2018

One of the big egaming predictions for 2018 revolves around the football World Cup happening during the summer in Russia. The World Cup is always a massive spectacle and hugely popular with the billions of fans the game has across

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Mergers and acquisitions in 2017 are a game changer

A merging spree throughout Christmas looks set to change the face of the global gaming industry, with several new gaming giants created, potentially birthing the next set of industry leaders heading into 2018 and beyond. Multi-million dollar deals involving household

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Online gambling proves valuable for UK

In a 10 year period since 2004, the UK gambling and betting industries have more than doubled in both turnover and gross added value (GVA); growing by 132.9% and 153.6%, respectively.

2005 saw the peak period for the number of

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Global eGaming Markets and Regulations

eGaming includes activities such as casino games (roulette, blackjack, slot games), sports betting, bingo, lotteries and other new emerging formats. According to Statistica, the global eGaming market value has increased threefold since 2005, with casino games and sports betting

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eSports Growth Continues at Pace

‍According to the UBM Game Network Report, in 2015, 79% of developers saw a ‘bright and sustainable future’ for the eSports industry. In their most recent (2016) report, this figure has already risen to 88%. Revenue growth is

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