Healthy U.S. online revenues for Boyd Gaming


Boyd Gaming is one of the leading corporations in casino entertainment. It incorporated in June 1988 and is now a multi-jurisdictional gaming business. Boyd Gaming currently owns and operates 22 gaming properties in 8 states, and has become one of the most successful casino entertainment companies in the U.S.

In 2011, Boyd Gaming announced its online gaming partnership venture with BWIN.Party Digital Entertainment. The deal was in anticipation of the legislation and effective regulation and licensing of real money in the US.

Boyd Gaming’s marketing strategy is centred on offering its customers a distinctive gaming experience. This is communicated to Boyd’s customers through its brand management, image and synergising loyalty programme. Their networks of casinos are all unified by a multi property player loyalty programme called ‘B Connected’.

Some eGaming corporations build their strategy around the acquisitions of other companies, in order to expand their presence in different sectors. Boyd Gaming however, placed the emphasis on the acquisition and satisfaction of customers. It uses cutting edge social infrastructure technologies to turn casual players into engaged advocates. Boyd invests a lot of money into offering exceptional customer service, as it believes satisfied and loyal customers will be the most profitable in the long run.

Boyd Gaming is using a loyalty programme to incentivise marketing communications. Players are able to earn points by completing activities such as linking their site accounts with their social network accounts, booking hotel rooms and sharing promotions or events with friends.

This kind of solid foundations and long-term strategy will surely pay dividends in the long-term, despite the relatively spikey share price over the last 52 weeks. Their U.S. online revenues are looking healthy and the share price has risen almost 20% in the last month.